Discover the versatility of our Compact Laminate. A cut-to-size, ready-to-install panel solution that eliminates hassles from your projects. Ideal for both internal and external applications, this product suits projects of any size, offering exceptional performance on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

Its resilience makes it perfect for damp and high-traffic environments. Achieve the perfect balance of strength and beauty with our Compact Laminate, ensuring a seamless blend of durability and aesthetics for your design projects.



  • Pay for what you need
  • No need for cutting and fitting equipment 
  • Cut-to-size 
  • Proudly Manufactured in Australia
  • 6+ years Warranty

Available in:

  • 13mm standard multipurpose black core
  • Alfresco range for outdoor applications
  • White Core – Limited Range
  • Laboratory and XP Grade 

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