Falcatta Lightweight Multiply

Falcatta Lightweight Multiply

is a lightweight ply and ideal for applications where weight-saving is critical.

Falcatta is traditionally up to 35% lighter than standard hardwood plywoods and is widely used in the caravan and RV automotive industries. This lightweight ply is bonded with an interior MR glue.
Falcatta is typically lighter in appearance with a clear face and a subtle grain. It is a very stable product by nature and the panels sit flat which make it a very easy product to handle and machine. Suitable for all internal fit out projects and able to deliver significant weight-saving advantages over traditional plywoods.
Falcatta is not suitable for structural applications or exterior use.


  • Up to 35% lighter than standard hardwood ply
  • Lighter in appearance
  • Clear face and subtle grain
  • Stable by nature
  • Easy to handle and machine
  • Suitable for internal fit outs, caravans, RVs and commercial walls and ceilings.

Sizes and Thicknesses

3.63.96 – 4.28
66.60 – 7.14
99.91 – 10.71
1213.21 – 14.28
1516.52 – 17.86
1819.82 – 21.43
2527.53 – 29.76