About SLQ

SLQ was founded on the mission of helping people. With lots of support from their entourage, the young founders John 20, Frank 19, and Ray 25 decided to make the move from Melbourne to Queensland after identifying the opportunity to make their mark on the industry. What started with $40k in 1977 is now at the forefront of its field regionally. There is no doubt about it, SLQ stands on the shoulders of giants and we are a proud Australian manufacturer.
So it is no surprise that we exude these values in our everyday operations, internally or externally. Just ask our employees, more than half of whom have been with us longer than 10 years! And whether its our employees or customers, we are all part of the SLQ family. Will you be next?

The SLQ treatment

“We get the job done” because change is the only constant in this industry. New product requirements? Changing lead times? New designs? We are here to help you weather the storms. And sometimes this means going the extra mile..or three. Delivering out of hours, making 'special trips' or with truly exceptional turn-around times are all things we have been known to do.
At the core we are a family business who loves to understand your needs first. What is your business about? Who are your customers? Our combined 200+ industry years is then used to advise on options that the rest of industry is not even aware of.

The SLQ value

Taking jobs from production through to installation and beyond, we painstakingly optimise every single aspect of the process; seriously blending the lines between mass-produced and custom built..this is the SLQ value.
That’s why designers, architects and builders across Australia love to collaborate with us on projects as diverse as port terminals, office buildings, caravans, luxury boats to award winning homes.
And by the way, you can expect a quote response within 24 hrs for most projects. For some larger projects which require more care this might be longer but you will always be kept in the loop.